Giving is a popular subject.

With Givable’s philanthropic and service learning program, students practice philanthropy each day, share favorite nonprofits with friends, learn about the issues local nonprofit are addressing, and discover new ways to get involved in their community. Teachers receive recaps to facilitate discussion surrounding giving and volunteerism and show students how they are making a positive impact as a group.

Educators and parents, contact us today to start the conversation of how to bring Givable’s philanthropic and service learning program to your school.

Learning philanthropy and service among peers.

Students deserve the chance to fall into a giving rhythm while they are still learning who they are and what they value. We help the young minds in our community experience the feeling of giving back and increase their chances of continuing philanthropy and volunteerism as adults.


of students reported they felt like their donation made a notable difference after using Givable for one semester.


of students reported they are more inclined to become involved in local nonprofits after using Givable for one semester.

“Givable is a really great app that will allow my students at KHS the opportunity to engage in the feeling of giving back to the local communities. It opens up conversations about what these organizations are doing for others on a local level.”

Miriam Alejandro
Educator, KIPP St. Louis High School

“My favorite part of Givable was seeing all the opportunities we would have to make the world a better place.”

Student, KIPP St. Louis

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