One Email. Unlimited Good.

Support local charities with one click from your email inbox.

Don’t just witness the growing happiness, healthiness, and strength of your community. Be part of the reason for it.

All it takes is a quick signup and then you’re all set to give to local nonprofits directly from your inbox each weekday.

Donate as little as 25¢ along with other Givable members and together you’ll make a positive impact on your shared community. The difference we make is exponentially greater when we give collectively as a team.

Simple and Easy

By simply receiving an email, you will be amazed how easy it is to fall into a giving rhythm as philanthropy becomes part of your lifestyle.

Your Donation, Your Choice

You can change your donation amount at any time, select favorite nonprofit categories, and get even more involved with local volunteer opportunities.

Power in Numbers

Donations big or small add up as everyone’s bit of time and treasure makes a positive impact on those in town, across the street or right next door.

Your Day-to-Day

This is what you can expect once you join Givable’s email giving program and become a more informed, engaged, and inspired member of your community.

Open your Givable email, read about two nonprofits in your community and click to give to one. Your daily donation amount will be gifted to that organization.

Your donation will either rollover to the next day or split between the two featured if you decide not to choose one. You can also give more to a nonprofit you are passionate about by selecting a larger dollar amount. It’s your choice!

Track your giving in the Givable dashboard, read our monthly impact reports, see how donations are being spent where they are needed, and learn about volunteer opportunities in the community.

Email Giving Options


Give what you can when you can.


Instill the value of giving in your family.


Sign up as a team.

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